Air services and transportation company established in 1982 that provides air services transportation inside and outside Egypt using Helicopters and Fixed Wing Aircraft in the field of services required by Petroleum Companies, Mineral Resources, Economical & Industrial Projects, which are exemplified in Transporting Individuals, Equipment, Pipeline Surveillance and Air Taxi Services.

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Over 30 years of industry experience within the regional Turboprop sector in many countries and especially on the African continent, specializes in all areas of operation, including maintenance, crewing and training who are dedicated to bring the full force of our technical expertise to suit your company needs.

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Formed in 1997 and operates in various operations and ventures on the African continent, as well as in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. The company’s primary activities include passenger and cargo charters, movement of specialised and dangerous cargo, aircraft leasing including structuring of finance arrangements, aircraft sales, and flight logistics support of aviation contracts.

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Founded in 1969, Zimex Aviation provides reliable aircraft support to the oil and gas industry, humanitarian agencies and non-governmental organizations worldwide. Mainly to enable crew changes, special material, general supplies and fresh-food deliveries, as well as medical evacuation and search and rescue missions. While Zimex is active worldwide, its main focus is on North Africa and the Middle East. Zimex operates currently 22 aircraft and offers our customers a comprehensive air transport wherever it is required.

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